Where Is

Mount Rushmore?

  • It is a cliff in South Dakota with the heads of four presidents carved into it
  • The original carving of Jefferson's face was completely blasted off and started all over again
  • It is one of the world's largest sculptures - the presidents' noses are almost twenty feet high

About This Book

It was world-famous sculptor Gutzon Borglum’s dream to carve sixty-foot-high likenesses of four presidents on a granite cliff in South Dakota. Does that sound like a wacky idea? Many at the time thought so. Borglum faced a lot of opposition and problems at every turn; the blasting and carving carried out through the years of the Great Depression when funding for anything was hard to come by. Yet Mount Rushmore now draws almost three million visitors to the Black Hills every year. This is an entertaining chronicle of one man’s magnificent obsession, which even today sparks controversy.